The beats of compromise

Published 7:00 am Friday, October 16, 2015

I would consider myself a music lover.
My favorite part of the day is singing karaoke-style in my car while driving around Pearl River County during the workday.
I prefer the oldies, blues, rock and roll, and any Broadway show soundtrack. I also sneak in a little Disney music if I’m having a particularly bad day.
With that being said, my musically inclined husband’s latest passion is playing his drums almost all evening long.
Of course, I support his musical ventures and love the fact that he is talented enough to play the drums, bass, acoustic guitar, banjo and even the harmonica.
He is an old soul, and spends his time researching blues artists and their techniques, along with other music instructors. He is always on the search for the latest instructional DVD and book.
I’m prone to migraines and loud noises often trigger them, so you can imagine the poundings that go on inside my head when he’s playing the drums.
Admittedly, my first reaction was negative, one often strongly suggesting that he stop.
But, I eventually get over it and realize he is doing what he loves and it makes him happy after a long day at work.
We are still in that newlywed stage and both pretty independent. The hardest transition for me was giving up some of my own independence and learning to let someone help take care of me and vice versa.
But it’s all about compromise. I tolerate the drums, cymbals and music videos and he watches “girly” movies with me and takes me shopping.
Sometimes, when I hear the drums, I think about last year, for my birthday, when he took me to see “The Phantom of the Opera” at the Saenger Theater in New Orleans. Now, keep in mind that he strongly dislikes this type of music, but he knows I love it and that I always wanted to see the show performed live. It was definitely an enormous act of love that I won’t soon forget.
At the end of the day, I’m proud of his many talents and the many genres of music he introduced me to.

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