Spooked at the salon

Published 7:00 am Friday, October 30, 2015

I should have known better than to schedule my latest hair appointment so close to Halloween.
But it was time for a trim and darker lowlights for the fall.
My Wednesday evening appointment began as normal. We chatted a bit and discussed the changes to my hair. During the spring and summer months, I usually have highlights frame my face and auburn lowlights in the back. During the fall and winter, I usually go with just the auburn lowlights on the top of my hair, so I thought that’s what we were going to do this time.
Connie has cut my hair since I was 18. As any woman could tell you, when we find a good hairdresser, we stick with them. I’ve been a loyal customer, and she never lets me down.
As she mixed my colors, the other stylist began talking about the House of Shock in New Orleans, which is a terrifying haunted trip that my easily terrified self hasn’t and will not ever visit.
The words “severed body parts, blood and horror” filled the salon room.
I’m not going to lie, I was feeling a bit squeamish.
Soon Connie returned and I thought she was going to begin folding my hair in the foil wrappers.
However, that was not the case.
When I felt the cold, wet touch of the brush touch the back of my head, I jumped in fright. I wasn’t expecting to have my entire head of hair colored.
And after all the talk of haunted houses and such, I felt sure something horrific was about to happen. Visions of severed heads and bloody utensils danced through my head.
Well, after she assured me my new hairdo was going to look great and that no one would be harmed in the process, she showed me the two colors she was about to use on my hair, I somewhat relaxed and let her work her magic, as she usually does.
We laughed about my spooked reaction and by the end of the appointment, I was quite satisfied with the results. She chose a lovely shade of chocolate auburn and ran red streaks through the front of my hair.
As usual, I was not disappointed with the results. She always knows what style and color will look good on me.
However, probably won’t be scheduling another appointment so close to Halloween in the future.

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