Perils of Picayune driving

Published 7:00 am Saturday, October 24, 2015

Recently I remembered to switch my car insurance address to Picayune. I had thought that, coming from one of the poorest parts of the state—the Mississippi Delta—to the south that my rates may go down. In Clarksdale, if you got into a traffic accident, it was a given that the other driver had no insurance. As Picayune has presumably more responsible people, I had hoped insurance would be cheaper here.

I was wrong.

I suppose I should have known better. Last week, driving on Highway 11, stuck behind a car going well below the posted speed limit, I noticed a truck racing up behind me.

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This fellow thought better of waiting behind the likes of me and he elected to pass me in the center turn lane.

This was despite the fact that there was a vehicle coming in the opposite direction in that same lane.

Needless to say, I slowed down to let him pass (I assume the driver was a man. How could he not be?).

Speaking of the center turn lane, did you know it is a turn lane only? If you knew that, you might be the only person in Picayune who’s aware of that fact. You and I, we should form an exclusive club. We could bond over the daily terror that is driving along Highway 11.

Here’s a fun fact:

If you’re pulling out of a parking lot and cross a lane of traffic with the intent to merge into my lane, and you’re doing this perpendicular to my vehicle, my assumption is that you don’t see me and you’re about to ram into my car.

When I discover that no, you’re not going to ram my car but, in fact, you simply don’t understand how to enter the roadway, I am in no way less concerned.

Also, contrary to local superstition, turn signals are not some wild extravagance that must be used sparingly. They work, folks. And they’re free.

That’s certainly cheaper than my car insurance.