Keep schools out of judge’s hands

Published 7:00 am Friday, October 30, 2015

Not concerned about what a Hinds County Judge could do to our children’s education funding as well as education policy? Let’s look at how they’ve tried to infringe on your Constitutional rights in the past.
In 2013, the Mississippi Legislature passed House Bill 2. This legislation provided an open carry law and firmly established the Second Amendment as the only authority needed to carry a weapon in Mississippi.
Shortly after House Bill 2 received Governor Bryant’s signature of approval, a Hinds County Judge ruled that the legislation “endangered public safety” and prevented it from becoming law through a court order.
This Hinds County Judge didn’t think twice about infringing upon your Constitutional right to bear arms with judicial activism. Do you really think these judges will do anything differently when making decisions about your children’s education system?
Keep your schools out of the hands of the Hinds County Judiciary and “vote against both” when making your decision about Initiative 42.

By Senator Angela Hill

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