Couple that pleaded guilty for abuse arrested again

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Lynne Hackney and Milles Allen were both arrested Saturday after warrants were issued by the Justice Court of Pearl River County for failure to pay a fine in relation to their December 2014 conviction of animal cruelty, according to Kathy Mason, Justice Court Clerk of Pearl River County.

They were charged in December 2014 on two counts of simple animal cruelty after more than 60 dogs were found living in horrid conditions at their residence on 2202 East Canal Street in Picayune, the Picayune Item previously reported in December 2014.

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In December 2014, both were found guilty of two counts each, and ordered to pay two fines. Hackney and Allen both paid their first fine for $218, but failed to pay their second fine for $518 each. As a result, they were arrested on Saturday and released on Sunday after they paid the fine of $518 in full.

“I’m glad that the case is over and they’ve paid their punishment and justice has been served for what they were doing to the animals. The animal cruelty laws are outdated and need to be harsher. We talked to state representatives and senators and hopefully this term something will be done,” Pearl River County Sheriff David Allison said.

Thursday, the couple pleaded guilty in Picayune City Court to one count each of animal cruelty, keeping more than six pets, lack of rabies inoculation and violation of sanitation standards for keeping animals, the Item reported Friday. They are to pay $3,566 each to the city of Picayune in installments.

Michael D. Wilson, the attorney who represented Allen and Hackney in City Court, said Friday that he is unsure as to whether his clients will be able to make the payments to the city of Picayune. He said that the couple has no income since their breeding business was effectively shut down. The couple did not return calls for comment.