Wishing you a safe and happy Labor Day weekend

Published 7:00 am Friday, September 4, 2015

We would like to wish all of our readers a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.
Labor Day is of course celebrating the working men and women of our country. Most of us have worked or are currently working somewhere and certainly all of us depend on the labor of others so we don’t need a reminder that work can be at times demanding, stressful and unglamorous.
If we are lucky, we have a job that we like or maybe even love and that we’re passionate about. If we are lucky, we don’t necessarily mind the extra hours or stress or other demands that we contribute to our jobs.
But even if we are lucky enough to work in places we enjoy, there is still the inescapable fact that of jobs take us away from our homes, our friends and families. For most of us who are working age, we spend the greatest portion of our waking lives at work, which is why we may consider ourselves lucky if we enjoy our time there. Even so, time at work is no substitute for time with friends and family.
So we have Labor Day, one day a year set aside specifically to remind most working folks to go home, to hang out with the family and friends, to do something or, to just relax and do nothing. A day isn’t enough time, of course. Even a three-day-weekend isn’t quite enough time, though it will have to do.
We hope our readers will take moment this weekend to appreciate their own time away from work. We also ask our readers to remember and appreciate the men and women who cannot so easily take off from work and spend time with their families. Despite whatever differences we may have, despite our different perspectives and our different beliefs, the great majority of us have work in common. The great majority of us go to work every day, in service to the community, to each other. Therefore, let us also remember our fellow workers this Labor Day.

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