Thank you for sharing your stories

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Perhaps the aspect I enjoy most about this job is meeting people who come from many walks of life.
During the course of my almost two-and-half-year journey into the world of news reporting, I have met a famous Good Morning America anchor, a man who traveled the United States on a skateboard, a Mardi Gras costume maker, a beekeeper, cancer survivors, a teenage fashion designer, families battling rare illnesses, musicians, artists and most recently, a former federal agent and counterterrorism analyst.
As an avid reader of crime and detective novels, I was excited to meet Sandy Connor, who dedicated her life to keeping our country safe by locking up the bad guys.
What I liked most about her was the frank and matter-of-fact way in which she described her job.
I was so entranced by her story; I almost forgot all the questions I wanted to ask pertaining to my article.
I was truly honored to sit down with the good people in this county and hear their stories. Some bring tears to my eyes, which I try to hide, while others bring an often much needed smile to my face and joy to my heart.
The majority of the time, people thank me for telling their story.
It’s not always easy telling that story as you wonder while writing, “will my story reflect the true magic of this person’s life?”
It’s not me they should be thanking. It is I who thank them.
There are topics too hard to talk about, ranging from cancer to the loss of a loved one. I’m always amazed by the courage and strength of the people in Pearl River County.
I also enjoy the happier topics, which celebrate the accomplishments of many of the county’s finest youth.
In conclusion, thank you to everyone who took the time to allow me, and the rest of our readers, a peek into your lives.
I feel that your stories provide hope, encouragement and are a testament to the spirit of the people in Pearl River County.

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