Teaching supplies back at school

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, September 30, 2015

school donations

Angela Lafrance is remembered by those who knew her as a tireless and dedicated teacher.

And, like teachers in every public classroom in America, she would spend her own money on extras for the kids.

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“That’s what all my mom’s money went to. She made money to pay for that classroom,” said Jessica Johnson, Lafrance’s daughter.

Johnson said Lafrance taught behavior

modification at Nicholson Elementary for more than 10 years, and when she died in June, she left years’ worth of classroom material behind.

“I think she had a whole trailer full of stuff,” said Johnson. “Just tons and tons of stuff. Anything of value for teaching.”

The stuff ranges from books to learning games to puzzles, and rather than throw it away, Johnson decided last week to return the stuff to its intended home—the classrooms of Nicholson Elementary.

Johnson said her mother loved the school, her coworkers and the principal.

“It was a great school to work for,” she said.

So, when it came time to pack up her mother’s things, Johnson said she knew immediately what to do with the classroom equipment.

“I know she’s looking down with a smile on her face,” Johnson said.

Lisa Howie, the assistant principal of the elementary, said the teachers were happy to get the supplies.

“They were very excited to get them,” she said. “These are things teachers would have to go out and buy themselves.”

Howie estimates the total value of the donated supplies to be in the thousands of dollars.

“I would say it’s about $2,000 worth of stuff,” she said. “Those books alone were $5 to $10 each.”

Howie worked with Lafrance and she spoke of the educator’s love of the profession and the quality of the donated materials is a testament to that love.

“I actually taught with her in kindergarten,” said Howie. “She was a very dedicated teacher. She went above and beyond for her students. Her love for them was unreal.”