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Published 7:00 am Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ever since the attacks on our nation in 2001, more and more people have taken a greater interest in worldwide events, especially relating to terrorism.
The name and face of Osama bin Laden was a fixture in the media in the years that followed Sept. 11, 2001.
It’s safe to say, the nation rejoiced when his death was reported on May 2, 2011.
Today, at the Margaret Reed Crosby Memorial Library, residents in Pearl River County have the unique opportunity to hear an account of the hunt for bin Laden from former federal agent and counterterrorism analyst Sandy Connor.
She will be reviewing Peter Bergen’s “Man Hunt: the 10-year Search for bin Laden from 9/11 to Abbottabad.”
This book seems interesting on its own, but to have it reviewed by a former agent is icing on the cake. It’s almost as good as having a first-hand account of the events.
The events of 9/11 changed this nation drastically and also the way the CIA handled identifying terrorists, Connor said in previous coverage.
It’s a fascinating topic and, if you have the time today, it could be a worthwhile event to attend.
This terrorist took thousands of lives during his reign of terror, which didn’t begin with the attack on America in 2001.
It’s always important to stay informed about current events and learning something new benefits us all, for we never know everything.
Connor’s firsthand knowledge of the CIA will add that extra credibility to the book.
The Friends of the Crosby Library Brown Bag Book Review program begins today at noon in Holland Hall at the Crosby Library. Guests may bring a brown bag lunch.

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