Keep your pets healthy with vaccines

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This letter is to inform the residents of Pearl River County that the Pearl River County SPCA has been a most diligent proponent of rabies vaccinations since 2003. We initially started rabies clinics as early as 2003 and are continuing this momentum with these shot clinics semi-annually.

Last year, we vaccinated 541 dogs/cats, 152 microchips, 78 cat wellness shots and 465 dog wellness shots alone.

In addition, all cats and dogs that either go through the adoption process or the community spay and neuter program will receive a rabies vaccination. The only exception to this rule is the pet owner must bring validation that the animal is current on rabies in order not receive a second one too soon.

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Also if the puppy/kitten is not old enough to receive the rabies, the pet owner will be advised as to when the animal may receive its vaccination.

We have another great program which is called the trap neuter release, which is for our ferals.  All ferals coming through this program must receive a rabies vaccination. Even though they will most likely only receive one shot in their lifetime, the vaccination will be good for three years.

To date, we have spayed/neutered nearly 1,000 ferals and are currently working to get as many done as possible.

Since 2006 when we began our official counts for the Pearl River County SPCA spay/neuter program, we have clocked in over 26,000 animals and are still going strong.

With the amount of protection we are giving our cats/dogs, it would be highly unlikely (but not improbable) that a case of rabies would occur.

Please watch for our fall shot clinic advertisements.

We advertise in the Picayune Item and the Poplarville Democrat.

We also have fliers sent all around this county to make sure pet owners are aware of our inexpensive pricing.

Currently our rabies vaccinations are only $7 each with package deals for the puppy/kitten crowd.

Tentatively, our next shot clinic will be held at Jack Read Park on the 14th of November 2015.



Carla S. Gerrard

Pearl River County SPCA

Spay/Neuter Program Manager