Getting ready for the old folks

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On November 15, 2015 from 2-5 p.m. at the  Crosby Memorial Library, the Friends of the Library will present a program of significant importance to many of our citizens.  The program is called, Getting Ready for the Old Folks. It’s about what we need to know and do as we grow older.  Over a dozen subject matter experts have agreed to come to the Crosby Library that day to offer critical information on topics such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care directives, long-term care insurance, funeral prearranging, probate, transfer of savings/checking accounts upon death, access to safety deposit boxes, death certificates and quite a bit more. Experts will also be available on local medical rehabilitation, home health care and assisted living facilities and services. For many of us, these are difficult subjects because they force us to contemplate our demise. But, to ignore them is to invite great suffering on those we leave behind.

Because this subject area is so diverse and unfamiliar to many, we have teamed up with the Picayune Item newspaper to publish a number of short articles between now and then describing a few details about what will be presented.  The program is organized so that each subject matter expert introduces themselves with a short 10 minute talk on their specialty in Holland Hall.  Then they return to their table in the main library to continuing talking to individuals about specific situations.  The program is expected to take three hours but because of the diversity of subjects and number of experts we are prepared to go longer if attendance is high.

Our group of subject matter experts have agreed to provide you with answers as to what you should consider doing about your situation, free of charge.  They will be offering hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of information.  And all this in one place so you do not need to travel all over town after finding out who you need to talk to.  Who else but the Friends of the Crosby Library could or would put on such a program?  So, don’t miss it.  Mark your calendar and planner and iphone.

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By Randy Holland.