Enjoying lunch break

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I’ve only been working here in Picayune for a short three weeks.

So I had no idea where to go when I needed to get a relatively cheap, quick sandwich for lunch.

I always pass by the Claiborne Hill Supermarket going to and from work and it is very close to the Picayune Item, so I figured I would see what they offer for lunch.

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When I got to the deli area of the market around noon, the place was packed with customers hovering around the counter.  I took a number gave the lady my order: six-inch ham, lettuce, tomato, mayo and pepper-jack cheese.

When I ordered the six-inch sandwich, I was expecting one of those chain deli sandwich portions, which are never enough. This one however is a legitimate meal and will certainly not leave you hungry. I can barely finish this sandwich and if you ask anybody who knows me well—I can flat out put away food.

Not only does the sandwich leave you full, but it is also one of the better sandwiches I have eaten. The bread doesn’t overtake the sandwich because everything is evenly spread out—they do not skimp on ingredients. Ham is piled on heavily with the nice addition of the condiments and everything works together to create a sandwich I look forward to everyday. Not kidding, I have gone here every single day for lunch since I discovered it.

One day I mixed it up from the normal turkey or ham and I ordered the hot roast beef.

This one is a heartier meal than normal cold cuts because it is dripping in gravy. When I bit into the sandwich I immediately wondered why I haven’t been getting this one all along. It’s definitely not the healthiest option on the menu, but if you want a really good, indulgent sandwich—this one is what you want.

Sandwiches are not all that the deli has to offer. They make seafood platters with fried fish, shrimp, french fries; basically anything you could want for lunch.

And the best part of everything the deli has to offer is, it is a reasonable price for what you are getting. The ham sandwich I described is $5.87 and the roast beef is a little pricier, but all their offerings are worth it.