The importance of building study skills

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Last week, students in Pearl River County headed back to school to fill their minds with knowledge.
Along with regular school assignments, there are also the occasional classroom tests.
Some students may panic, while others seem to breeze through a test without breaking a sweat.
For those who struggle and even those who don’t, it’s important to develop study skills. These skills will certainly be utilized in college, as well as some work settings.
The StudyPoint website lists 10 tips that enhance a student’s study abilities.
The first tip is to develop an organizational system that will work best with your schedule and needs. The second tip involves ensuring your study space is free from distractions. For example, it’s not ideal to study in the same room as your television.
The website also stresses the importance of keeping your books and notebooks for each class together on a shelf for easier access to each subject.
After completion of a task, the fourth tip suggests rewarding yourself with something positive, which could be a break or a trip to the movies.
Schedule a time to complete assignments based on the task and urgency and use an academic planner to write down assignments and deadlines, the website states.
When taking notes, StudyPoint suggests using shorter sentences.
According to the website, studying in 30 to 45 minute blocks with 10 to 15 minutes breaks is one of the most effective ways to study.
Create study guides and save quizzes completed in class. These will help when studying for the larger test, the website states.
Finally, the website encourages students to communicate with their instructors, who can provide direction and offer advice.
Here at the Item, we would like to wish all students a productive and safe school year.

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