Republican party taking state, nation by storm

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Good afternoon fellow Republicans.

On the national front the presidential race is collecting many candidates.  The Republican party will need a leader with the ability to win the votes of several factions of society to take the White House. Many of the candidates are running on emotion and heart, which is great to say, but not a realistic game plan. The candidate who will ultimately win the nomination must have a well coordinated game plan and wide voter appeal. A portion of today’s article will attempt to explain the process required to be nominated at the National Republican Convention. The nomination for presidency contains several different steps. First, after much preparatory work a candidate will declare candidacy and file an application with the federal election commission. A person must be a naturalized citizen and be at least 35 years of age. The application must be completed when the candidate receives contributions or makes expenditures greater than or equal to $5000. Within 15 days of this threshold a Statement of Candidacy must be filed. Within 10 days of that filing the principal campaign committee must submit a Statement of Organization ( Fundraising and hard core campaigning can now begin.  The next step is to campaign in key states with early primaries. New Hampshire is traditionally the first primary state and Iowa is the first caucus state. The difference between a caucus and a primary is a caucus is an arranged gathering where open support for a candidate is expressed. Voting is often performed by the showing of hands or breaking into groups determined by which candidate is being supported. Caucuses are the original way the candidate choosing was performed.  A primary is a direct, statewide process of selection of a candidate through ballot voting. The candidate who has the strongest showing coming out of New Hampshire and Iowa are often the candidate chosen at the National Convention.  Delegates at the convention determine who is the selected candidate. These delegates are selected at the state level (

On the state front the House Appropriations committee Chairman Herb Frierson (R-Poplarville) has instructed state agencies to prepare for 7.8% spending cuts if initiative 42 passes in November.  Proponents of the initiative are claiming Representative Frierson is using scare tactics as the initiative would not require immediate full funding.  State Representative  Frierson disagrees as this is not the verbiage in the initiative. Initiative 42 would require the state to fully fund education  based on a school funding formula which has been ignored most years since it was put into law in 1997(  This initiative is being pushed forward as Hinds County Chancery Judge ruled against a lawsuit put forward by 21 school districts in MS suing for back money and future full funding based on the 1997 formula. The Judge based his ruling on an alternative formula for funding which was added in 2006.

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On the local front a meet and greet was hosted on July 16th at the Char by Republican Women. State Auditor Stacey Pickering and Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves both were in attendance. Both spoke on the state of the state involving their areas as both are running for reelection.  Senator Angela Hill and Representative Charles Busby (Representative, District 111) also were in attendance. The event procured a large turnout of citizens as well as many local incumbents and candidates.

Republican Women will be hosting a college day for freshmen attending Mississippi colleges in August. The event will have representatives to sign up freshmen for participation in College Republicans. Please follow Facebook and other media sources for the date and time.


By Bonnie Holland.