Organization help those most in need

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Oftentimes, it seems society pays too much attention to the needs of prison inmates.
We hear about the many rehabilitation and educational programs that are designed to help these individuals function outside of prison, if and when they are released. These are worthwhile projects, but there’s another important group to consider, the families left behind.
The spouses and children of inmates are also doing time in a sense. Through no fault of their own, their world is sent into a spiral as they attempt to go about their daily activities.
Incomes will probably be limited and visits to the jail will become commonplace. The left-behind also suffer psychologically as they try to accept the fact their loved one is behind bars.
Last week, the Item reported on Kairos Prison Ministry, a faith-based organization dedicated to supporting not only the incarcerated, but also their family members.
There are many volunteers from Pearl River County, including Cindy Rainey, who work with Kairos Outside.
She attends weekend retreats for women, where they are shown “God’s unconditional love and no judgment,” Rainey said in previous coverage.
We salute the volunteers who donate their time and open their hearts to these women in need.
It’s a very important cause. We may never understand why people commit crimes and make bad choices.
However, when they do, they not only hurt themselves, but also the ones they love, including their mothers, fathers, spouses and children.
Ministries such as Kairos provide a much needed service to the families and even the incarcerated, as they also host Kairos Inside.
For more information about South Mississippi Kairos Outside, contact Rainey at 601-554-6714 and visit

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