Don’t forget to vote in today’s primary election

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Today is the primary election in Pearl River County.
Many seasoned voters have voted in these types of elections before.
However, there are many first time voters in the county that may not know the definition of a primary election and its function. Not only is it important to know the candidates, but also the process.
According to, the primary election was created in the early twentieth century to give more power to citizens in the selection of candidates for the party’s nomination.
During a primary election, registered voters have the opportunity to choose the candidate for the party’s nomination, the website states.
There are two types of primaries, closed or open, the website states. In a closed primary, voters who are registered with a certain party can only vote in their party’s primary. During an open primary, a registered voter can vote in either primary regardless of party membership, the website states.
Although the primary is a measure of public opinion, it is not necessarily binding in choosing delegates, the website states.
According to the National Conference of State Legislature’s website, Mississippi is a hybrid primary state, which means the election system falls somewhere between open and closed. Procedures are unique from state to state.
According to, Mississippi registered voters do not have to register with a party but they must intend to support the same party they voted for in the primary during the general election .
The purpose of a primary election is for the public to choose their candidate for November’s election.
However, some people may feel the need to vote only in the general election.
But it’s still important to exercise your constitutional rights both during the primary and general elections.
So be sure to vote today for your favorite candidate and you just may see him or her on the November ballot.

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