Call for equal funding to all school clubs

Published 7:00 am Thursday, August 27, 2015

I am a Picayune resident born and raised. I attended school here from first grade to 12th grade and throughout my school years there seemed to be a reoccurring unfair favoritism toward athletic clubs over any other extracurricular group.

Yes, I understand that most of the districts’ sports teams bring in a lot of press, money and community support yearly, but those are not the only groups that Contribute. In a previous Item story, the state paid a nice chunk of taxpayers’ money to redo the high school football turf from real grass to artificial and in my opinion, it’s unfair to everyone other school that needs new things as well.

For example, I am sure the show choir could use new costumes; the drama club might need new props; the dance team could use new uniforms and the band might need new music books. You don’t see any articles about the state handing out large sums just to help these clubs have a better chance at succeeding, do you?

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All you ever see or hear about is funding for football, basketball, baseball, etc.

It is time that we realize that those are not the only school-related clubs that should be given attention.

Sure, the sports teams draw the largest attention but all of the teams/clubs contribute to our school’s good name.

They all aim to succeed so why can’t they all be funded equally? We’re given the impression that one must be a part of certain clubs/groups in order to be successful.

There are many talented students in every club and they should all be noticed for their greatness and given the same opportunities.

Athletes and sports are not the only stars of our schools and I’m tired of it seeming that way.

So let’s start giving equal funding and support to all of our talented groups and clubs.


Anne Marie Saul