1 arrested for meth

Published 7:00 am Saturday, August 29, 2015

One man is in police custody after a routine traffic stop on Thursday netted 60 grams of high quality meth known as “ice.”

Picayune Police Department Assistant Chief Jeremy Magri said officers were conducting a narcotics patrol with Homeland Security and the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics when, at around 4:20 p.m., on Highway 43, a police officer noted a man driving a gold Pontiac Grand Am.

The officer recognized the driver as Antonio Irwin, 26, of 415 Clark Street, and also knew that Irwin had a suspended license.

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Magri said police got Irwin to pull into Guy’s Super Soaker Car Wash, but Irwin then allegedly tried to escape.

“They stopped him in the parking lot, and he took off and rammed the police car and the Homeland Security car,” said Magri. “He didn’t want to stop, and we figured out why when we searched the vehicle.”

Although, Magri added, Irwin initially refused to get out of his car, even after he stopped ramming police vehicles.

“They were finally able, after a short struggle to remove him from the vehicle and get him into custody,” Magri said.

Inside the Grand Am, Magri said police found two bags of crystal meth on the floorboard and a digital scale in the center console. The crystal meth is known as ice as it was a particularly pure form and Magri said it had a street value of $6,000.

Magri said after Irwin was arrested, police got a search warrant and during a search of his home, police discovered a pistol that had the serial number removed.

Magri said Irwin is facing at least three charges, including possession of a controlled substance with attempt to distribute within 1,500 feet of a school or church and resisting arrest by fleeing. He could face additional charges for ramming police vehicles and he could face another gun-related charge, too, pending a crime analysis by the bureau of narcotics.