What inspires you?

Published 7:00 am Friday, July 3, 2015

I’m always meeting people who inspire me to be a better person.
During my years in school, I was inspired by my fellow students who worked hard each and every day to earn good grades in order to attend a wonderful university.
We supported each other and I remember some wonderful evenings spent studying with my friends.
My junior year in high school, I got my first job at a local dry cleaner. It was my first experience working with the public and I met many professionals who worked in a variety of careers. I was inspired by their drive and dedication to their career paths. I knew then that I wanted to find a career, which at the time was as a lawyer.
Some of the best years of my life were spent in Oxford at the University of Mississippi. I love learning and enjoyed attending classes on subjects I loved, including Shakespeare, English literature and history. There were many older people who attend classes with me and it proved that we are never too old to learn.
After Hurricane Katrina, I was inspired by my fellow survivors who picked up the pieces and rose from the rubble left behind to rebuild their lives.
During my employment as a preschool teacher, the children inspired me with their sweet dispositions and ability to turn a bad day for me into a good one. When I was having a bad day, one hug from one of my little students was all I needed to make my day better.
In conclusion, I challenge you to think about your source of inspiration.
We are always evolving as human beings and no one will ever be all knowing. It’s important to remember to be humble. In my opinion, there is something to be learned from each person we meet and that opportunity shouldn’t be taken for granted.
During my time here as lifestyle writer, I’ve met inspiring people in Pearl River County who are battling some of life’s toughest trials and do so with grace, dignity and hope.

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