Team Tebow

Published 7:00 am Thursday, July 2, 2015

Love him or hate him I think we can all agree Tim Tebow is one of the better role models out there when it comes to athletes.
On the football field at Florida, Tebow made his teammates want to be better just by being himself. He never saw himself as the team leader but rather a member of the team who was there to help and encourage.
Through his foundation, Tebow is doing some amazing work across the globe. Recently, the Tim Tebow Foundation partnered with Cure International to build a hospital in the Philippines. The Tebow CURE Hospital specializes in orthopedic surgeries for children who can not afford care.
Another one of the foundations outreach programs is Timmy’s Playrooms, which are being built in hospitals across America, with the goal of helping sick children be a kid again. The W15H program is an outreach program for children with life threatening illnesses who have a desire to meet Tebow. Every year the foundation grants more than 20 children’s wish of meeting and spending time with Tebow. Tebow has also connected with hundreds of children across the country through W15H Brighter Days. This outreach consists of hospital visits, phone calls, meet and greets and more.
Orphan Care, another outreach of the foundation, currently serves more than 1,700 orphans in four countries. The foundation provides these children with food, shelter, clothing, medical care and education expenses.
Tebow has been in Haiti for the past week ministering to children at one of his foundation’s orphanages.
While many athletes are out partying, or finding themselves in trouble with the law, Tebow is out in the world being the change he wants to see. He puts his money where his mouth is. He leads by example. He’s humble. These are the marks of a great leader. It is so easy to criticize him, and call him fake but if you have ever been lucky enough to spend time around him you know that is simply not the case.
He is all about practicing what he preaches, and I am sure all the children that are hanging out with him in Haiti right now would agree.

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