No more permit for concealed carry, somewhat

Published 7:00 am Friday, July 3, 2015

This week Mississippi saw a number of laws go in effect, one of which allows residents to legally carry a firearm in a semi-concealed manner without a permit.
Previous to the passage of the law, a permit was required to carry a firearm in a bag or purse, but that’s no longer the case. Additionally disabled veterans and active duty military personnel are also now exempt from having to secure a permit.
For those that still need to apply for a concealed carry permit, the fees have been reduced. To secure a permit the cost was reduced from $100 to $80, while renewals were reduced from $50 to $40. The $32 fingerprint fee in addition to the permit fee remains the same, however.
What does this mean to the general public? Well a lot, depending on how you look at the changes.
With so many reports of shootings occurring in public and the need for public safety, a person carrying a firearm is less likely to be the victim of a violent crime.
Some may see the change as a catalyst for more incidents of shootings in public places, but keep in mind that the majority of the public is made up of law-abiding citizens. For those that have a record, they won’t pass the background check required to secure a permit.
It’s entirely possible this move could reduce instances of violent crimes, since law-abiding citizens will potentially be able to help curb assaults or robberies. But it should not be interpreted as permission for the general public become vigilantes.
Did you know that under state law a Mississippi resident can legally carry a firearm in their vehicle without a permit? That means there are already numerous firearms traversing this state, not being used for nefarious purposes.
If those same people begin to carry a firearm outside their vehicle, more than likely they will practice the same restraint.

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