Good Samaritan Law now in effect

Published 7:00 am Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Mississippi Medical Emergency Good Samaritan Law went into effect on Wednesday.
This law makes it safe for people under the influence of drugs to seek out medical help for someone who has overdosed without fear of being prosecuted. It also allows doctors to write a prescription of Naloxone, a known anecdote for heroin, to a third party who suspects someone else might be using.
Brian Sullivan, public relations manager for Addiction Campuses, said he is very excited about the passing of this law.
“This is a huge victory for the state of Mississippi, it will save hundreds of lives,” said Sullivan.
Sullivan said most people who use drugs usually do so with other people, but most people who die from an overdose die alone.
“We hear stories all the time from people who overdosed and were left on the side of the road, because the people they were with were too scared to call the police. This will allow more people to come forward,” said Sullivan.
Addiction Campuses has recently partnered with the Gloucester Police Department in Gloucester, Massachusetts to help people struggling with addiction through the ANGEL Initiative. Under the initiative, people struggling with addiction are placed into treatment programs, rather than in jail. The initiative also allows drug users to turn in their remaining supply at the Gloucester Police Department without being prosecuted.
The program was implemented about a month ago, and Sullivan said it has already seen impressive results.
Sullivan said America needs to be aware that what was once a drug problem is quickly turning into a health epidemic.
“There is no such thing as a stereotypical drug addict anymore, all types of people struggle with it,” said Sullivan.
Addiction Campuses have a location in Southaven as well as a mobile care center based out of Tupelo.
“When somebody contacts us we do everything we can to get them into treatment. Our mission is to get people off of drugs,” said Sullivan.
For more information on Addiction Campuses visit their website at or call their hotline at 1-888-614-2251.

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