Gearing up for the beginning of the school year

Published 7:00 am Friday, July 31, 2015

It’s hard to believe, especially for children, but there’s less than a month left in the summer vacation.
While parents may be eagerly looking at the calendar counting down the days until moments of quiet resume in the household, the thought of shopping for the upcoming school year is also in the back of their minds.
There’s so much to buy before the first day. Clothes, backpacks, pencils, packs of paper, spiral notebooks and new pairs of shoes all fill the back to school shopping list.
As for the clothes, there’s no better time to do some of that shopping than this weekend during the no sales tax holiday.
But parents may be asking, “how do I save on all the other stuff I have to buy?”
Since school supply shopping is an annual event for the better part of your child’s life, consider recycling items that were not used last year. When it comes to paper and notebooks, these things will be used quickly, so look for cheaper alternatives instead of name brand items.
Backpacks are another item that can potentially see years of use. Reusing them each year is the best option, but understandably heavily used items can break down. Keep in mind that some backpack manufacturers offer lifetime warranties. These brands might cost a bit more, but if you only have to buy one backpack for the life of your child’s school career, the savings come in the long run.
If you’re especially crafty, you could consider making your own backpack or other bags at home.
For those items that can’t be made at home, don’t forget to check your local dollar stores and other discount retailers regularly. Stock is rotated regularly, so don’t get discouraged if the item you need is not on the shelf; instead check back the following week or ask an employee when they expect a new shipment.
Additionally, there are many non-profit organizations that can help families in need find supplies for cheap, or even free. So keep an eye out for special events in the county.

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