Education plays vital role

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Education is key in order for students to reach great heights.
A good education is achieved by employing passionate teachers, teaching challenging curriculum and promoting a positive classroom environment that inspires students to learn.
Poplarville High School knows a thing or two about education. Recently, they received an honor every school dreams of. The high school was honored at the last school board meeting with a banner and plaque from U.S. News and World Report, naming the school as one of the best high schools in America.
This is Poplarville’s third time receiving the honor.
U.S. News and World Report reviews schools nationwide based on their college readiness index, English and algebra proficiency and student to teacher ratio.
During my high school career, I was blessed with wonderful teachers who promoted the importance of education. But there were those teachers who considered the lesson of the day to be a two-hour long movie that had nothing to do with the subject. In turn, students didn’t perform as well in those settings.
While I sometimes enjoyed those “breaks,” I wanted to learn. After all, I was going to school to learn and the fact that some teachers didn’t care about education baffled me.
I found that I learned the most from engaging teachers who were passionate about education. While I could care less about Macbeth’s internal struggle or algebra equations, there were those teachers who somehow made it fun.
It’s truly remarkable how the information we learn from high school goes with us through college and beyond.
In high school, young minds are being molded into the leaders of tomorrow and a good education is key to prepare the younger generation for the real world.
There are so many children across the globe who don’t have access to the level of education many in this country take for granted.
Every school that received this honor should be applauded for their hard work to educate young minds.

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