Don’t forget to donate blood this summer

Published 7:00 am Saturday, July 11, 2015

During the summer months, hospitals are in desperate need of blood donations. Kristi Garner-Womack, a representative from The Blood Center, said hospitals are currently experiencing a shortage of blood donations combined with an increase in demand. Summer marks a time when many take vacations and sometimes summer-related injuries send them to the hospital. Womack encourages people to donate at their local blood drive as soon as possible.
The need is great but the investment is small. It only takes a couple of minutes to donate blood. Just think of those across the nation who could benefit.
The American Red Cross advises people to donate for their own reasons. Whether they want to give back or help a loved one, a donation could make all the difference in the world.
A donation could also benefit the donor. Many Americans don’t visit their doctor as regularly as they should. Before donating blood, prospective donors need to undergo a mini physical before they become an eligible candidate. The mini physical checks a donor’s blood pressure, body temperature, pulse and hemoglobin, according to the American Red Cross website.
The physical could benefit those who might not be aware they have a health condition.
Giving blood is typically a four-step process, which entails registration, a medical history review, a mini physical and a donation.
In order to donate blood, donors must bring their donor card, driver’s license or two other forms of identification.
According to the American Red Cross, someone in the U.S. is in need of blood every two seconds.
Everyone can do their part and donate. It only takes a couple of minutes and could change someone’s life.
There’s really no better feeling than saving a life.
The Blood Center is located at 318 Memorial Blvd.
On July 15, The Blood Center and Acadiana Cinemas will partner together to hold a blood drive from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Acadiana Cinemas is located at 997 Cooper Rd.
Anyone who’s an eligible candidate should participate.

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