Be mindful of transportation workers at all times

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, July 28, 2015

For most people living in Pearl River County, a trip to nearby Louisiana is an easy task.
However, with the recent road construction occurring on I-10, I-12 and I-59, a simple 20-minute drive to Slidell can take hours.
This can be a taxing process, especially for those traveling with young children.
However, motorists should also take precautions to be aware that transportation workers are on the roadside.
According to the Mississippi Department of Transportation, these transportation workers are increasingly placed in dangerous situations. These workers have little to no protection against an almost 3,000 pound wayward vehicle.
The roadside maintenance and construction crews already face grueling tasks enduring extreme temperatures while working with heavy equipment in a precarious situation, the MDOT release states.
“We understand that work zones, while essential for maintenance, construction and safe operation of roadways, can cause a disruption to ingrained driving routines,” MDOT Executive Director Melinda McGrath said in the release. “We do everything possible to alert motorists to the work zone and clearly define a safe speed and path through it; however, we cannot get behind your wheel, operate your brakes and force your attention to the transportation workers laboring in heat, cold and danger – for you.”
It’s important to keep the workers’ safety in mind while you make your way down the interstate or other roadways.
Almost on a daily basis, there is a city or county worker hard at work filling a pothole or performing other maintenance on the roadways in the county.
Remember to pay attention when you are driving. Always be aware of your surroundings and what other drivers are doing in front, behind or beside you.
Eliminate the distractions in your vehicle and be aware of signage indicating roadwork and a change in speed limit.
At the end of the day, the transportation workers have families and friends they would like to make it home.

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