A chance at forever: Animals in need of permanent homes

Published 7:00 am Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ringo and Nips are two animals in need of a forever home. The pair must stay together.  Photo submitted

Ringo and Nips are two animals in need of a forever home. The pair must stay together.
Photo submitted

“While we may never know the struggles or pain a rescue dog has been thru, the happiness of going home can always be seen.” –– Author unknown

Through the efforts of members with the Animal Advocates of Pearl River County, many abandoned, abused and neglected animals have found permanent homes with loving parents.
Now, the group has five rescued dogs who are in need of forever homes.
According to previous Item coverage, Animal Advocates, a non-profit, was formed in March 2014 by local realtor Bobbie Shute. While showing property listings to her clients, she would often find animals locked up, neglected and suffering. This, Shute said in previous coverage, deterred many clients from moving to the state.
“These clients were lost tax dollar opportunities for our county,” Shute said in previous coverage, “there have been many occasions where clients looked to another state because of what they’ve seen regarding animal cruelty.”
According to the previous story, the group met that March and planned to focus on taking the necessary steps to change the unsatisfactory animal rights law in Mississippi. Since that first meeting, the group has been in contact with several national animal rights groups and hosted a course to provide information to local law enforcement about identifying animal abuse, the previous article states.
Since then, group members have also begun rescuing animals and finding them foster and permanent homes.
Animal Advocates Vice-President Lauren Fitts joined the group in December 2014 and is no stranger to rescue, having come from a rescue group.
“I have experience in re-homing shelter animals and give ups,” Fitts said. “If I see an animal on the side of the road, I want to have foster homes to put the animal in.”
The group is willing to take on more animals, Fitts said, but needs more people to volunteer as foster parents.
“People that normally foster are maxed out and just can’t take on any more animals,” Fitts said. “The hardest part about fostering is keeping the animals until they’re adopted.”
There are five animals currently in foster homes that Animal Advocates are actively searching to find long-lasting and stable homes for.
The first animal is Rosie, a white Jack Russell Terrier mix, who about a year old. She plays great with other dogs and children; she is the perfect little dog, Fitts said.
Benny is a 12-year-old miniature poodle and Cairn terrier mix. In May, he was found outside a volunteer’s window whining, Fitts said. He has undergone skin treatments due to his fur being so matted and skin irritations caused by fleas.
Sally is a 12-year-old Pomeranian mix who was found on the street with a four-pound tumor on her 12-pound body, Fitts said. Animal Advocates secured surgery for Sally. But she is believed to be either totally or mostly deaf. She also loves being around other dogs, Fitts said.
Nips and Ringo are adult Chihuahuas who are bonded and must be adopted together, Fitts said. The pair come from a hoarding situation and are learning to trust people. Ringo is older than Nips and heartworm positive and will be unable to undergo traditional treatment, but will stay on preventative medications and has already received antibiotics. Additionally, Ringo only has about four teeth since so he requires canned food. Animal Advocates will continue to assist with Ringo’s care, since he is receiving hospice care.
Each of the animals available for adoption has been spayed, neutered, microchipped and received full veterinarian care, Fitts said. The cost of adoption of $75 per animal.
Follow the Animal Advocates through Facebook at Animal Advocates of Pearl River County.
Anyone interested in adoption, becoming foster parent or making a donation may contact an advocate members by email at animaladvocatesprc@gmail.com and by phone at 601-909-5299.

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