Staying informed about our government

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Although the politicians crashed the economy, caused massive layoffs, endless wars and increasing debt the majority still look to the government to fix the disaster they created. This is exactly what the champions of bigger government and more spending want to hear more dependency on the government.

It allows the politicians and bureaucrats to continue creating the poison and the antidote in the same laboratory and perpetuates the myth that the federal government should create jobs, manage the economy and that reading our mail and spying on us is protecting us.

Only the private sector and the free market can create jobs.

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The governments’ definition of creating jobs is to hire more government employees and re-distribute confiscated wealth to favored groups to manufacture products the government decides we need, as opposed to the free market that offers products we want.

Do you really believe the politicians are going to bring back the manufacturing jobs they helped send overseas, thanks to the job-killing international trade treaties they have foisted on America? The latest and most dangerous is the Trans Pacific Partnership. William F. Jasper recently reported in the New American Magazine, a newly leaked TPP chapter reveals that the TPP text proposes creating tribunals (courts) that could overrule the decisions of our state and federal courts, our local, state and federal laws, the U.S. Constitution and state constitutions.

Do you really believe the war-is-a-racket-gang, also known as the Military-Industrial-Complex, will end the needless wars that have extracted a huge price in American lives and treasure, made them rich beyond comparison and greatly contributed to America’s financial ruin?

Fear is an effective tool used by governments to keep the people in line.  Most of us will die in a nursing home, watching TV in our recliner or sleeping.  So, get over the government-manufactured fear of terrorists and pay attention to the police state the government created.

The government has become a crony-packed, giveaway machine that takes wealth from the producers and gives it corporations at home and abroad and corrupt dictators in foreign countries, without even a “fig leaf” of constitutional authority. In this sleazy world of socialist politics where money and power rule, hypocrisy is a way of life, and truth and honesty were murdered many years ago, a favored few make enormous profits.

Politicians, who condone this criminal behavior either by silence or active participation, have no shame or conscience.  To them, truth and lies are the same, just tools they wave around like a flag and which one they use depends on the situation. Nothing will change until we educate ourselves and understand that it’s irrational to trust the federal government to fix itself and accept our responsibility to return the government to its constitutional limits. Being uninformed regarding the long history of criminal activities of the government is by choice, not chance.

I choose the term choice because of the incredible amount of information easily available to anyone wishing to be self-informed.  If we choose to remain uninformed, the consequences from the rapidly approaching death of America will fall heavily on our children and grandchildren.

By Jeff H. Smith