Donate locally

Published 7:00 am Friday, June 5, 2015

Every time I see singer Sarah McLachlan appear on my television screen, I know I’m about to shed tears for the nation’s neglected or abused animals.
I’m a huge proponent of donating to charities and volunteering for a good cause.
However, when I see celebrities advocate for a cause, I often wonder why.
I’m almost sure they have something to gain other than furthering the mission of these charities and causes.
The majority of these celebrities earn millions of dollars to perform in one movie, no matter how poorly they perform, and are probably being paid to appear in these commercials.
The problem is, these commercials are broadcast into the homes of people who will probably never earn the amount of money a celebrity does.
My point is, while these worldwide causes are worthwhile, I’m sure these celebrities could contribute a small portion of their earnings more easily than an average viewer. I’m willing to guess that the tiniest amount from their coffers could feed many hungry people worldwide and provide care for millions of animals in shelters.
These days, most families live paycheck to paycheck struggling to pay their own bills and feed their children.
Despite these struggles, many hardworking folks volunteer their time and money to many worthwhile local non-profits.
There are many here in Pearl River County including, Manna Ministries, Crossroads Food Pantry, Brother’s Keeper Ministries, PRC SPCA to name a few.
When you donate to a local charity or non-profit, you have the unique opportunity to witness firsthand the happiness your kindness provided to a family in need.
As for me, before I pick up the phone to donate to a charity a celebrity recommends, I will look in my own backyard to help the people I encounter on a daily basis.
I often donate used clothing and shoes to local women’s shelters and food to local food banks.
The true worth of someone’s devotion to philanthropy is not measured by the amount of money donated, but by the amount of love for their fellow man that lies within their hearts.

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