Be responsible with your pets

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I would like to speak about the numerous dogs I encounter wandering the busy roads on my way to work and on my way home.  There is a leash law in place that people are not following.  Pet owners need to keep their animals safe.  About a month ago, I witnessed a small dog darting out in the street just as a van was passing by. Witnessing this was traumatizing for me and probably to the driver of the van not to mention the pain the animal must have felt. I built up the nerve to turn my car around and speak with the owner of the dog who also saw this happen. I asked her if she had any more pets and she said “no.” I told her if she gets anymore animals I suggested she put them on a runner or have a fenced-in yard because she lives about 20 feet from the busy road. I then apologized after she teared up. I couldn’t help but say something.  I felt bad for the poor dog and the experience ruined my week.  I almost hit a dog that was standing in the middle of the road off of George Ford Road that same week.  It happened as I was driving over a hill and there it was.  Fortunately I missed it, but only by about 12 inches.

Most of these animals look like inside dogs that are let out to relieve themselves. If the dog owner cannot walk the dog due to medical issues, there are safer alternatives than letting the animal wander out into traffic. If having a kennel or fencing isn’t in the budget, a dog runner or a tie out stake with a cable will be just as good. They cost $20. Keep in mind, those devices shouldn’t be placed near trees or objects to prevent the animal from getting tangled. For dog owners who live so close to these busy roads, please consider these options to keep your animals safe. Owning a pet is a big responsibility that includes keeping them safe. No animal should have to suffer from a traffic accident.

The animals that are lucky enough to survive are badly injured and will suffer from that injury until discovered. It may also cost a kind hearted person money to pay for surgery if picked up and taken to a vet to save its life or end its suffering.

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How much money is pet’s life worth?  If you can’t afford to at least buy a runner or tie out, maybe you shouldn’t own an animal. I hope these roaming animals are spayed / neutered. If not, you are taking a chance that might add to an already over populated animal issue. I see litters of kittens and dogs needing homes all the time.  You have to be careful who you give “free animals” to.

Some people may use them for dog fighting or as bait for dog fighting rings. It’s not worth the risk so please be aware and be responsible.

By Vanessa Mitchell.