New synthetic drug to be aware of

Published 7:00 am Thursday, May 28, 2015

Synthetic drugs have been making headlines recently about their unregulated nature and easy accessibility. The most dangerous aspect of these drugs, besides how easy they are to procure, is that there is no standard for production, leading to overdoses.
Stories of people dying from the use of Spice, or synthetic marijuana, and bath salts, a synthetic form of methamphetamine, have been released.
This week CNN reported a new synthetic drug is on the streets that mimics the high of cocaine. It’s called flakka, or “gravel.”
Reports of the drug’s use have been reported in several southern states, including Mississippi.
Just like with any narcotic, there are risks with its use.
The CNN article states that experts are concerned with the long-term side effects this new drug can have on users.
According to the story, there is concern that the drug’s affect on the brain could be permanent, especially since it is said the effects of the drug last longer than cocaine.
There is also concern that the use of the drug could cause permanent damage to a person’s kidneys, possibly prompting a necessity for dialysis treatments for the remainder of their lives.
What’s worse is there is no official regulation of the drug. It can potentially be sold in convenience stores, typically with a label that states, “Not for human consumption.”
Similar labels have been used on Spice and bath salt packaging.
Even if a federal ban is placed on this drug, another variant will be made, starting the whole cycle again.
What should be taken away from this news is that drugs will always be sold, so long as there is a market.
The only way to end production of these dangerous substances is to educate the public about the negative side effects and remove the demand for them. Then, hopefully, the supply will dry up.

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