ISS missing out on fresh supplies

Published 7:00 am Friday, May 1, 2015

It’s been known to happen. You order a pizza but the delivery guy just can’t seem to find your house.
He calls numerous times in an attempt to locate your home, but you end up meeting him at the nearest gas station just to make the process easier.
This week the men and woman on the International Space Station learned that their delivery of three tons of supplies also got lost in transit.
But the problem is, they can’t get in a vehicle and meet the delivery guy at the nearest convenience store. Instead the capsule is spinning wildly in space with no fuel and a method to control it.
What a waste of three tons of food and supplies.
Fortunately, there’s said to be plenty of food, water and other supplies onboard to hold the crew over until the next launch can take place.
A new attempt at sending food and supplies is scheduled for June, which is within the four months worth of supplies said to be onboard the station. But, what happens if another such mishap takes place?
There is another contingency plan in place with another rocket planned for launch as well.
The major concern at this point is what will become of that wayward capsule full of precious supplies that took millions of dollars to put into orbit.
Well, it’s going to fall somewhere on Earth, but with no control over the capsule no one can say where.
Ideally they’d like the capsule to head towards one of the large oceans, preventing the possibility of the larger debris that doesn’t burn up upon reentry from causing injury or property damage.
Hopefully the capsule will land in the ocean, or at least in an uninhabited part of the world. And hopefully the next attempt to deliver supplies to the ISS won’t get lost along the way.

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