Coast Electric warns members of phishing scam

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Update May 28, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.
Upon further investigation, CPEA has issued a subsequent press release that clarifies or corrects the initial press release the story below was based on. An update to this story can be found by following this link:
Coast Electric would like to warn its members of a phishing scam.
According to a release from Coast Electric, a member alerted the company that they received an email claiming there was an issue with their payment.
The email came from the address doxo service, not a address, the release states. When the member clicked on the link in the email, they were taken to a website similar to the
Coast Electric would like to remind their members that their website is still secure. However, the scammer’s page is a look alike but not the company’s website. Payments made on are secure, the release states.
According to the release, it is possible for phishers to make an email look like it came from a particular company. However, members should look for clues in the address or body of the email. For example, the address and links referenced “doxo” are not Coast Electric and the $1.99 payment mentioned is not a fee that Coast Electric charges or collects, the release states.
When making payments, Coast Electric would like to remind its members that it’s safer to visit to log onto accounts rather than clicking on payment links in an email.
Coast Electric asks anyone who receives a suspicious email to report it to representatives at 877-769-2372 and contact local law enforcement.
For more information about Coast Electric, visit the website at and through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at Coast Electric.

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