Age of technology

Published 7:00 am Friday, May 29, 2015

The year I turned 18 brought a lot of changes in my life. I graduated from high school and moved six hours away from home to attend college at Ole Miss.
That was when I received my first cell phone and, after my first year of college, my parents helped me purchase my first car.
When I used to substitute teach at elementary schools, the students were required to leave their electronic devices in a box in the front office.
The majority of them had better phones than I at the time.
This always perplexed me. Although I have no children of my own, I don’t understand the need for young people to own cell phones.
I’ve heard some parents say it’s a must because they can keep in touch with their children when they’re not with them. This may be the only argument I can somewhat agree with.
Many generations before grew up without today’s technology and became functioning adults.
Personally, I wouldn’t give my child a cell phone, but then I feel I would be setting them for ridicule by other children because they don’t have one.
The main reason I’m not a big proponent of young people cell phone usage is the danger that may be lurking on the other side of a conversation.
Many predators know how to prey on young children and their naiveté. Let’s face it, there’s evil in this world and Internet, cell phones and social media give these people prime opportunities to entice their prey.
Many young people don’t understand that once a photograph is on the Internet, chances are, it’s not going anywhere and will be there for a long time. It could potentially haunt them for the rest of their lives.
Now, I’m in no position to tell people how to raise their kids, but when parents give their children access to the world, they also assume the responsibility of monitoring what they are doing on their devices and sharing with them the consequences of their actions.
There are parental control applications available to download and cell phones that only a parent and child can access.
My hope is that all parents use precautions and evaluate every factor before handing a cell phone or tablet over to their child.

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