Tolerance and compassion reign in Poplarville

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, April 14, 2015

According to, one in three students reported being bullied during the 2013 school year. The report states that64 percent of young adults bullied did not submit a report.
The reasons some students may bully each other include looks, body shape and race, the website states.
However, it appears that the students at Poplarville High School rely on tolerance and compassion when interacting with their fellow students.
The Poplarville High School baseball team recently honored 18-year-old Dakota Martinez at a recent game.
Martinez was born with cerebral palsy and is an avid sports lover, but is unable to participate in the sport he loves.
Coach Lance Hendrix told Item staff that his team inquires about Martinez all the time and was glad to dub him an honorary team member.
Martinez was presented with a cap and team jersey and sat in the dugout for the duration of the game.
Kristy Boyd, Martinez’s mother, said her son grew up around great kids and was never bullied because he is different.
The actions of the baseball team and the young adults in Poplarville are to be commended.
Growing up with a disability is not easy. Being different from everyone else has the potential to cause depression and fear of social activities.
Martinez appears to have one of the most positive attitudes and circle of loving family and friends.
The greatest gifts we can share is friendship, compassion and tolerance.
We are not all created equal. Each of our differences makes us the unique individuals we are.
There is something to be learned from each person you meet.
We commend the Poplarville baseball team, as well as the students and friends who made Dakota’s school years memorable, enjoyable and meaningful.

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