Teachers cheated students out of an education

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Typically when you think about cheating on tests it involves students passing around answers to the tests so they can get a passing grade.
But Tuesday, 11 Atlanta, Ga., teachers were sentenced to jail time for their part in a scandal that involved forging test grades within a troubled school district, reportedly so they could keep their jobs and also receive bonuses.
After being found guilty by a jury of their peers, the judge said he would grant leniency, provided they take responsibility for their actions.
When they failed to take responsibility for their actions the judge became incensed and instead of providing them with the lenient sentences he promised of mostly house arrest combined with fines and community service, he sentenced nine of them to one to seven years of jail time. The other two took responsibility for their actions and subsequently received lighter sentences, according to coverage by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
It’s clear to see why the judge became so upset. He sees that the students were really the ones who were cheated; out of an education.
While it was certainly easier for the teachers to just alter test grades than put in the effort required to actually instruct their students, they missed an opportunity to enriched the lives of their students and help them succeed in life.
We like to think that when we send our children to school they are receiving the best possible start to a successful adulthood. School is a place where our children go to not only learn to read, write and think logically, it’s the beginning of their lives as productive members of society.
When teachers fail to provide students with an adequate education, they are hurting the future of our nation.
We commend Judge Jerry Baxter for making a statement about the importance of children receiving the best possible education.

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