Make the most of the toddler years

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, April 8, 2015

On Easter Sunday, my nephew Nathan, started crawling and already he’s giving his parents a run for their money.
My sister told me that the first place he crawled was the baby gate by their steps.
Although he is growing up too fast for my liking, I’m proud of his growth thus far. He is truly a smart little boy.
Monday, we found out that he was voted the cutest baby in their New York town.
Of course, our family was not surprised.
Nathan’s growth got me thinking about my tenure as a preschool teacher.
I’m still friends with some of the children I taught and some of them I have known since they were only a few weeks old.
Now they are about 7-years-old and have begun to lose their baby teeth.
For me, as a teacher, it was hard not to think about them as my own.
I was moved to different classrooms before I got my own class so I taught the majority of my students more than once.
We definitely formed a bond. One of the little girls was the flower girl in my wedding and about five or six of them danced the night away that special evening.
They will always hold a special place in my heart.
Children grow up so fast, it really does seem like that old cliché, “in the blink of an eye,” is accurate.
However, their growth is also amazing to witness. I’m so proud of the smart kindergartners and first graders they are now. Playing a role in their early education will always remain one of my proudest accomplishments.
There is no greater feeling than knowing you had an impact on a child’s life.
My point is, cherish the baby months and the toddler years. They are truly special and it’s a wonder to witness their growth and development during this time.

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