Lesson learned: Do not leave phone on hood of car

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, April 22, 2015

This journey we call life is full of lessons. Sometimes we have to learn them the hard way.
Monday, I learned what happens to a phone when you leave it on the hood of your car.
I can’t remember why I put it up there, because I never do it.
So off I drive and, after a few moments, I heard a bang coming from the back of my vehicle.
For some reason, I instantly knew it was my phone, because I looked in my car and purse and couldn’t find it.
I went back and scanned the area about four times but the phone was nowhere to be found.
When I got home, I suspended the service and filed an insurance claim. I also had to change account information for all the applications I had installed on my device.
Losing my phone definitely prompted a feeling of paranoia, since I don’t know where it is now. My contacts were backed up online, which is a major relief. When I get a new phone, all I have to do is sync it.
The biggest loss is that I had a ton of pictures stored on the device, mostly of my precious nephew. But I know my sister has backups.
It’s not a good feeling when you lose your phone. Nowadays, we rely so much on smartphones that we conduct a good portion of our daily business on them.
I have since learned there are some precautions that I can take in the event this happens again.
There are applications available that can remotely restore a phone to factory settings in the event it is lost or stolen. Another helpful application can trace your phone’s exact location.
As I venture into the realm of researching a new phone, I will be mindful of the security features that are available to me.
I will definitely keep my insurance, install security applications and never leave my phone on the hood of my car again.

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