Product labels can be misleading

Published 7:00 am Friday, April 17, 2015

According to some health officials and fitness gurus, it’s better to eat a few smaller meals during the day, rather than three large ones.
In light of that advice, I often carry a protein bar or something of that variety in my purse to snack on during the day.
One of the brands I like is KIND. Well, according to a recent warning posted by the Food and Drug Administration, this company is not manufacturing healthy foods.
I’m not naïve, most of these bars are full of sugar, fat and calories. I like the KIND bars because they are made with nuts and fruits, which according to news reports reduce cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart disease.
However, KIND labels their bars as “healthy, tasty, convenient and wholesome.”
According to a CBS news report, the FDA said some of the bars contain too much saturated fat. In order to be labeled healthy, the FDA requires a food to have no more than one gram of saturated fat per 40-gram serving and no more than 15 percent of total calories from saturated fat, the report states.
The FDA also said a few of the bars are not a good source of fiber because of their fat content and some of the dark chocolate bars do not contain enough antioxidants to support KIND’s “antioxidant-rich” claim, the report states.
The company has agreed to update their packaging; however the recipes will remain the same.
While I commend the company for cooperating with the FDA, I’m not sure if I agree with the FDA’s statements.
I always try to look at the labels of the foods I eat, mostly because there is a history of diabetes in my family and I’m doing my best to avoid the “Favre Family Curse.”
In my opinion, KIND bars are healthier than a candy bar and a bag of potato chips.
I believe the FDA should be worried about the actual content of fats contained in foods. But, it’s been said that diet sodas are more harmful for you, yet they are approved to be marketed as a healthy alternative.
As for me, I probably will continue to buy KIND products. But, I will always to be sure to read the content labels, not just what’s printed on the front of the packaging.

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