Liberation from negativity to be the focus of seminar

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Emmanuel Baptist Church in Nicholson hopes to spread hope by offering a lifestyle freedom seminar guided by Dr. John Wadsworth.

For years, Wadsworth has counseled people across the country, including Mississippi, by using the power of God to heal them, he said.

“This seminar is meant to liberate people from any hang-ups they can’t get over and any negative thought patterns that really get them into depression and get them into living a life other than the promised life God has given us,” Wadsworth said.

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Wadworth’s seminar normally involves six hours of class in a two-day period. On the first day, Wadsworth said he speaks directly to the group about God and any sins they might want to be forgiven for. Afterwards, he gives them homework based on each individual’s needs. On the second day, the group shares what they’ve learned about themselves.

“I asked one of my classes once, what would be the first thing you believe the Lord will want to cleanse you of and change your beliefs about? Some of the answers were lack of love, selfishness, boasting, stubbornness, the list goes on,” Wadsworth said.

Recently, Emmanuel Baptist Church contacted him to speak to members in the community.

“John is such a fine Christian man with so many credentials and the ability to reach so many people,” Katy Jarrell, Emmanuel Baptist Church secretary treasurer, said. “I feel like there’s such a need in this county for help because there’s a lot of drug abuse going on and so many people caught in addiction.”

The free two-day seminar will be held at the church, which is located at 12 Shorty Burgess Rd. in Nicholson.

Jarrell said they’re waiting for a response from the community before setting a date and time, but  hope to provide the seminar sometime in May.

Everyone is invited to attend, especially those who need help, including the family members involved. After the seminar, Jarrell said she encourages people to start a support group at the church.

“It’s important that people keep progressing after the seminar is complete,” Wadsworth said. “The seminar gets them to start talking about their issues, but a support group will keep them on the right track.”

For more information, contact Jarrell at (601) 347-6867.