Disney adds river cruise to resume

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Walt Disney World Company will take over another tourism industry–river cruising. The family-oriented company boasts 11 theme parks and 44 resorts across the globe, a cruise line, interactive video games, a movie studio and a large variety of media networks. It’s only natural that the company makes river cruises its latest venture.

According to USA Today, Disney is partnering with AmaWaterways to offer river cruises starting in 2016.

Normally, river cruises tend to target adult travelers without any children. However, I bet Disney will welcome the entire family.

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The custom-built vessel will travel through the Danube, Europe’s second-longest river, to destinations like Budapest, Hungary and Vilshofen, Germany.

The ship, which is currently under construction, will be named AmaViola, USA Today reported.

This is a smart business venture for both Disney and the river cruise industry.

Disney is a household name trusted by millions of people worldwide and it’s no doubt families will be booking their next trip on Disney’s river cruise.

Plus, the company isn’t a complete stranger to river cruises. After all, one of the main attractions at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando is called The Jungle Cruise, where a skipper takes families on a guided tour through fake jungle rivers.

While I’ve enjoyed a trip on that attraction numerous times, I’m sure Disney will find a way to make the real-life version a lot better.

But don’t expect to see Mickey and Minnie on the ship.

Unlike the cruise lines, the river cruise is meant to give families a fun, cultural experience without the distraction of well-known Disney characters.

While Disney is new to the river cruise industry, I expect they will make their mark in no time.