The benefits of a skate park in Picayune

Published 7:00 am Friday, March 6, 2015

It’s no secret that our small town is growing at a rapid pace, and with that growth our city leaders will need to think of ways to help provide safe and fun activities for our youth.
Many people who have grown up in this county had the same complaint, “there’s nothing for young people to do.”
At times that truth leads some of those young people to engage in activities that can alter their lives for the worst.
Currently a group of civic-minded individuals is raising funds for a splash pad to be installed at Friendship Park, which would provide the youngest of our population with a neat way to cool off during the hotter months of the year.
However, a splash pad won’t be as popular with the older children.
The city of New Orleans recently opened a skate park near Paris Avenue.
While our population does not come close to the numbers of the major metropolis, Picayune could also benefit from such an attraction. Anyone who has visited City Hall has noticed the signs stating “No skateboarding.” There is cause to restrict horseplay at that site.
It is home to the Veteran’s Memorial, and it’s where daily business is conducted.
Skateboarding is a pasttime that should be kept separate from locations of city business, which makes construction of a skate park at one of the already established parks a great idea.
Funds are tight everywhere, so construction of such an attraction would have to be funded with grants and donations.
NOLA was able to procure assistance from a skate park company, who donated the ramps, and local organizations who came up with the $350,000 required to build the park.
Picayune could probably get away with one about half the size.
Additionally, providing the local youth with a place to practice their hobby will keep them from doing ollies, kickflips and boardslides on the steps of City Hall.

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