The affects of sharenting via social media

Published 7:00 am Thursday, March 19, 2015

The invention of social media and it’s growth in use has created a generation of children who will be raised with the entire world watching.
Much like the movie “The Truman Show”, all of these children’s accomplishments and small stumbles are being seen by the world, if those events are shared online by their parents.
There’s a positive and negative aspect to this fact.
On the positive side, first time parents have access to those who are more experienced and are willing to share advice on the best methods to get their children to sleep, proper feeding techniques and the best ways to discipline negative actions. Having access to the opinions and experience of other parents can be a valuable asset.
But there is a downside, especially for the children of parents who may be sharing too much.
Childhood photos have been used by parents of almost every generation to embarrass their children when friends or, when they’re older, a love interest comes to visit.
The problem with social media is that these images are not just being shared with a small group of people in the privacy of their own home; they’re potentially visible to everyone.
Another aspect is that this is the first generation to deal with this budding issue. Without a basis for comparison, parents are relying on trial and error to determine what should be shared and what should probably stay private.
However, most adults are capable of determining what they should share on social media sites. So if you’re mindful and vigilant, your child should be able to start their first day of school, and college, without too much embarrassment.
Provided, of course, their parents declined to share any videos of their baby’s first bath or clumsy loss of footing that led to a hilarious tumble.

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