Part II: Can we recover from the recession?

Published 7:00 am Saturday, March 28, 2015

The way this recession was handled and events leading up to it is the main reason the recovery has been so lethargic.

Let us look into some of the reasons.

The moderate conservatives have become even more immobilized with their eyes on the next election only, putting politics first and country last.

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This “deer in the headlights” attitude while failing to fight for what is best for our country is not what we voted for in the past election.

The mid-term election was a repudiation of the president’s policies and this last edict is just a continuation of the same.

Yet the establishment is afraid to make an attempt at opposition because apparently they have decided it is too risky in view of the next election.

The Democratic Party has engineered and bought over the years a dependent underclass using entitlements as a carrot. They have purchased this devout group of uninformed with taxpayer’s money.

Spreading the wealth is not a new idea to the liberals, it has been around for quite some time but its utilization has been accelerated under the present administration.

We constitutional conservatives have been thrown under the bus thus leaving the way clear for a continued drift to the left.

The insiders of both parties have grown so accustomed to being the ruling class. It will be hard for them to give up a life supported by lobbyists, large corporations and pressure groups all with money.

I realize this is a very sketchy review of recent happenings and their cause in our society but perhaps it will jog the memory of those of us who have lived through this unsettled period. It has caused uncertainty in our lives and created much negativism in our society that I thought I would put it all together, lest we forget.

Most thinking people believe we have headed in the wrong direction.

We as a society were once thought of as a can do people, independent and self reliant, hard working and responsible taking care of our family and educating our children.

Too many people today look to the government for their needs. When I grew up my family would have been embarrassed to have accepted government hand-outs.

Now the government recruits families to sign up for food stamps and other benefits. How times do change. There are still a few in D.C. who believe in the Constitution as it was written but they will be muffled by the old moderates until they also give up.

For all these reasons I believe we will become a third world level nation within a few years. Some of us think the Unites States is too strong to have that happen. Not so! Look at history.

By Paul Ingram.