MS Senate passes bill to eliminate vehicle inspection sticker

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Recently, Mississippi senators passed Senate Bill 2519, which would put an end to the requirement that all Mississippi drivers bring their vehicle in for the yearly $5 inspection sticker.
According to, during a vehicle inspection, the technician inspects the vehicle’s body, fenders, bumpers, windshields, mirrors, lights, reflectors, steering controls, brakes, wheels and tires.
In a release, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves said the vehicle inspection sticker is not an effective way to collect what is essentially a $5 tax.
“Many states are eliminating the inspection sticker as vehicles are manufactured with improved safety features, and I think we should join them,” Reeves said in the release.
Reeves stated in the release that he would rather see state troopers on the road protecting the public rather than ensuring inspection stations are in compliance.
“These fine men and women were trained with taxpayer dollars to protect Mississippians’ safety on the road,” Reeves said in the release. “Let’s allow them to put their skills to their highest and best use.”
State Senator Tony Smith said he voted in favor of the proposal because a majority of his constituents supported eliminating the inspection sticker.
Kelbie Culpepper, owner of Picayune Tire and Auto, has only been offering inspection stickers at her business for the past 8 months, and is unsure to what degree this move will affect her business. Two dollars of the $5 inspection fee goes to the state, while the remaining $3 goes to the inspection station, she said.
“I’ve turned down at least three vehicles for faulty equipment, including cracked windshields” Culpepper said. “How do they see to drive properly? I do see a need for the inspection sticker. How often do car owners check their brake lights or other equipment? It holds them accountable by getting these safety features inspected.”

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