Do your research before a major purchase

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Saturday, I indulged in some retail therapy at a local beauty supply store.
I’m definitely not a beauty guru, but lately I have enjoyed experimenting with different products.
The website has helped me decide if some of the products I want are worth buying.
If there’s a makeup or beauty product out there, you can almost bank on the fact that there’s a review or demonstration from a popular YouTube personality.
However, these demonstrations are not limited to beauty products. There are reviews on handbags, shoes, electronics and even tips on how to organize an agenda. The list is practically endless.
My husband, who is a chef, has even watched YouTube videos on how to cook an ethnic dish, how to fix a part on his car and his favorite, guitar or bass tutorials.
As is the case with most any product nowadays, beauty products are not inexpensive.
However, with a little help from YouTube’s beauty gurus, I was able to decide which products that I would benefit from the most and which ones were worth the money.
I will warn you though, YouTube can become quite the addiction, but I think it’s a wonderful tool for most people.
Instead of reading someone’s opinion about a product, you can now listen and view demonstrations.
And it’s not just for beauty products, just search for whatever you may be interested in knowing about and voila, there just may be a video for suited to your particular interest.
It’s a great tool if you’re planning a trip as well. You can search for a location and view a video about some of the attractions available.
In today’s world, budgeting is a must. The cost of living seems to rise in the blink of an eye.
Next time you are thinking about making a major purchase or planning a vacation or working on your vehicle, check out YouTube videos or other websites. The important thing is to conduct your research before spending your hard earned money.

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