Cultivating a young adult’s healthy habits

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, March 31, 2015

According to a Huffington Post article, in 2013, Mississippi was the most obese state in the nation, with 35.4 percent of residents being obese.
The numbers are staggering. However, with a few small steps Mississippi can overcome this growing problem.
The move to healthier lifestyles begins with our children.
When adults promote healthy eating and physical activity to children at a young age, they might become healthier adults.
The students and faculty of the Pearl River Central School District are stepping up to the task with their annual health fair.
Last week, dozens of families attended the district’s Family Health Fair and visited with members of the medical and health community.
Each booth was unique and encouraged healthy decision- making.
There was an anti-smoking booth, where children learned about the effects of smoking cigarettes.
Attendees received complimentary blood pressure, vision and hearing screenings.
There were healthy foods to sample and health officials spoke to visitors about dental hygiene, and emotional and physical health.
Outside, the children participated in a variety of physical activities and learned about school bus and fire safety.
It was a great event, where children and adults learned the benefits of making healthy choices.
It’s important for children to learn that there are healthier food options out there at a young age.
The Pearl River Central School District, in our opinion, is doing a great job educating their students and ensuring they take care of their emotional and physical health.
However, these practices need to be cultivated in the home as well.
We encourage parents to purchase healthier snacks, cook at home and play outside with your children.
We all lead busy lives and while it’s easier to pick up something fast, it’s far more important to teach your children healthy habits to ensure they will be healthy adults.

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