Craigslist, and other dangers

Published 7:00 am Friday, March 20, 2015

A disturbing story was released this week that entailed a woman in her mid 20s being assaulted by a woman she did not know while answering a Craigslist advertisement.
According to Associated Press reports, the woman was responding to an ad for baby clothes. She was about seven months pregnant at the time of the assault, which occurred this week.
When the woman arrived at the seller’s home, she was allegedly assaulted, stabbed and had her child “removed”. The woman now being charged with the crime then informed her husband she had a miscarriage, and the couple then took the child to the hospital. The two women are said to have not known each other.
Several details of the story have been left out of this telling; the full version is hard to digest on several levels.
It’s hard to consider such a random act of inexcusable violence is possible, but the fact remains terrible things occur every day.
It’s difficult to point out, but the victim in this crime made a couple of errors in judgment. First, she answered an online ad alone. Second, she went to an unknown person’s home while responding to the ad.
The best way to answer an online ad is to do so accompanied by at least one other person and with caution. Additionally, meet the buyer or seller in a public place where plenty of other people will definitely be present.
No one will ever truly know what motivated the suspect in this horrendous crime to conduct the acts described, but by practicing these two tips, you can reduce the chances of being trapped in a life-threatening situation.

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