Caring for Lulu

Published 7:00 am Friday, March 6, 2015

There is nothing more comforting than coming home after a long day at work and being greeted by your furry children.
I am the proud mom of three cats, one dog and a bearded dragon.
All of our animals, except my dog and dragon, were rescued either from the shelter or in one instance the side of the road during a thunderstorm.
We found our Siamese cat, Lulu, on the side of the road in Diamondhead one Memorial Day.
The rain was coming down heavy, but my husband still managed to spot the light brown ball of fur in the grass.
We drove back to my parents’ house, where we found an old towel and a tub to transport her in.
That night, it was all about keeping her warm and trying to get some food in her.
The next day, we took her to the vet, and apart from having a slight kidney problem, she was in perfect physical health.
For about a month, we pureed her food and fed her with a syringe because she would not eat or drink on her own.
She eventually learned how to eat solid food and drink water on her own.
The next step in our adventure was teaching her to use the litter box. We tried and tried, but she just has not gotten the hang of it.
Lulu is not your normal cat, she cannot jump and we have to keep her separated from the other animals, as they enjoy preying on her weaknesses.
Since she won’t use a litter box, we have trained her to use puppy pads, which she does quite well a majority of the time.
Despite her shortcomings, she is one of the best animals I have ever owned. She is sweet and definitely has the sassy personality of a Siamese. She talks, mostly to me, as she is a mama’s girl and follows me around constantly.
I wouldn’t trade her for the world, and even though taking care of her requires a bit of extra work, the love we get back makes it all worthwhile.
So, if you’re in the market for a new furry baby, rescue is a great option. Whether it be from your local shelter or the side of road, you will definitely be rewarded, as will the animals.

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