Enhancing our lives with a giggle

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On Monday night, I received a videotext message from my sister.
When I opened it, to my delight, it was a video of my nephew, Nate, laughing. Not just any ordinary chuckle, but a great big belly laugh that babies are known for.
Well, of course, my heart melted when I saw that sweet and happy boy.
I must have watched the 25-second video about 30 times during my drive home. Who needs radio when you have the sweet sounds of a child’s laugh?
I think we all have to agree, that children’s giggles are some of the happiest and carefree sounds.
However, as we grow older, the laughter seems to subside as we adults deal with real life. Gone is the naiveté of youth.
We struggle with school, our peers, careers, co-workers, spouses and losing loved ones.
There are times when we lose our smiles, and we usually have a good reason. However, when the clouds began to pass and things are looking brighter, that first laugh is usually a sign that things will be all right.
Now, I’m not happy all the time, but I do enjoy giggling and attempting to joke and have a good time. Life would be pretty boring without it.
According to helpguide.org, laughter is the best medicine.
The website lists a number of health benefits, which includes relaxes the entire body, boosts immune system, releases endorphins, protects the heart, relaxes muscles, prevents heart disease, adds joy to life, eases anxiety, relieves stress, improves mood, strengthens relationships, promotes group bonding and enhances teamwork.
Wow, what a great number of reasons to have a giggle now and then.
Life is too short to be taken as seriously as some do. Yes, horrible things happen to each and every one of us; we can have terrible days and, some days, we can’t find the energy required to put on a happy face.
I suggest that we all put forth the effort to smile and laugh and just maybe, your smile and giggle will encourage someone else to find their happiness once again.

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